Over 110 episodes of interviews with the most interesting founders, builders, & investors in web3


Antonio Garcia-Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Spindl. Backed by Dragonfly, Chapter One, Balaji Srinivasan, & more, Spindl is creating Web3's first real attribution system—so you can know where your users came from, what they're doing, and why. In this episode we chat about what attribution enables for analytics, communicating the value of marketing to crypto-natives, differences between building in web2 vs. web3 (and why web3 is simply more interesting), predictions for the future of crypto, reflections on which of his writings impacted him most (as a writer), and much, much more.


Christoph Jentzsch is the Co-Founder & CEO at corpus.ventures. Christoph Jentzsch is a theoretical physicist who was one of the earliest developers on Ethereum, creator of The DAO (known for its hack in 2016), the founder of slock.it (one of the most exciting early Ethereum projects), and now, co-founder & CEO at corpus.ventures, a venture studio building in web3. In this episode we hear what attracted him to Ethereum during its earliest days, how he wrestled with (and worked through) his emotional state during and after The DAO Hack, his unwavering commitment to the Ethereum community and its ideals (despite public perception that the “loud” frauds and scams across web3 are representative of everyone in the space), and the exciting projects they’re building at corpus.ventures. Follow them on Twitter at @ChrJentzsch and @cventurestudio, and learn more about their work at www.corpus.ventures.

Space and Time

Scott Dykstra is the Co-Founder & CTO at Space and Time . Backed by M12, Framework, & more, Space and Time is the first decentralized data warehouse that delivers sub-second ZK proofs against onchain and offchain data to power the future of AI x blockchain. In this episode we talk about why trust in analytics through cryptographic verification matters, possible surprises or future trajectories for the intersection of AI x crypto, insights from his founder journey that may be useful for new founders in the space, & much more.


Sreeram Kannan is the Founder and CEO of EigenLayer. Backed by Blockchain Capital, Figment Capital, WAGMI Ventures, & more, EigenLayer is the first market for decentralized trust—creating an ecosystem for restaking, which enables staked ETH to be used as cryptoeconomic security for protocols other than Ethereum, in exchange for protocol fees and rewards. In this episode we discuss Sreeram’s journey through academia, the key insights that produced EigenLayer, the many use cases enabled by EigenLayer, the importance of focus for early-stage projects, and much more.

Mysten Labs

Adeniyi Abiodun is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Mysten Labs. Backed by a16z Crypto, Jump Capital, Binance Labs, Electric Capital, & more, Mysten Labs is all about building critical infrastructure to enable a more decentralized internet. They’re perhaps best known as the creators of Sui, a decentralized, proof of stake blockchain with horizontally scalable throughput and storage. In this episode we discuss Adeniyi’s crypto journey (with a focus on the jump from Meta to creating Mysten Labs), what Mysten Labs gets uniquely right as a team, early challenges (and solves) as well as exciting possibilities for the future, thoughts on the current moment in crypto (from a technology and maturation perspective), & much more.